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Cost-effective with a focus on speed and accuracy!

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About us

We have been working in the furniture industry for already more than 20 years, during which we have gained great experience in manufacture of various types of furniture.

The furniture industry is also not standing still

and constantly offers new materials, technologies, etc., which help to realize and achieve a quality result.

Following the market trends, a new company was founded in 2022, so that your idea, going through all the production processes in one place, with us, would get a high-quality end result. 

We work with both large and small companies and individual customers, providing them with our services in the production of furniture blanks:

  • Sawing of materials
  • ABS edge gluing
  • Various complexities in CNC milling work
  • Production of serial products

Our services

Mēbeļu ražošana

We perform series product development from an idea to the ultimate outcome.

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CNC milling

Cost-effective with a focus on speed and accuracy! Unlimited possibilities with CNC milling technology!

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Sawing of materials

We saw furniture blanks in specific sizes according to customer requirements.

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ABS edge gluing

We can glue not only edges of straight parts, but also curvilinear ones.

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